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About Zhengjiang Zhang

Zhengjiang Zhang was born in Jingdezhen city, Jiangxi province, P. R. China, in September 1982. He obtained his Ph.D. in control science and engineering at Zhejiang University in June
He is now working at Wenzhou University. His research interests are in the fields of data reconciliation and parameter estimation, process modeling, control and optimization. On these
mentioned subjects he has authored/coauthored several research papers, including those on
the journals of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research, Computers & Chemical Engineering, etc.
Any questions should be contacted to Dr. Zhang via Email:


Present Dr. Zhengjiang Zhang, Zhejiang University

Research Interests

Data Reconciliation and Parameter Estimation and Process Control and Optimization

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  • Principles of Automatic Control
  • Intelligent control

Data reconciliation and parameter estimation (6)

Process control and optimization (2)