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About Zhao Ma

Dr. Zhao Ma joined the faculty of Purdue University, Forestry and Natural Resources as an assistant professor of sustainable natural resources social sciences. Zhao’s research seeks to deepen our “understanding [of] how individuals and institutions make decisions with respect to natural resource management and conservation.” She addresses “how individuals make decisions with respect to land use and resource management, how they view and respond to environmental changes at local, regional and global scales, and what information, assistance and incentives they need to make informed decisions.” For publication after summer 2013 visit the Purdue site.


Present Assistant Professor of Sustainable Natural Resources Social Sciences, Purdue Forestry and Natural Resources
(Past) Assistant Professor, Department of Environment & Society, College of Natural Resources, Utah State University Environment and Society

Curriculum Vitae


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Contact Information

Forestry and Natural Resources, Purdue University, 195 Marsteller Street, West Lafayette, IN 47909


Peer-Reviewed Publications (14)

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