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Turkey: Zero Chances for "Zero Problems"
The Globalized World Post (2011)
  • Zenonas Tziarras, University of Warwick
Since the election of Justice and Development Party (AKP) to power in 2002, Turkey followed a different foreign policy orientation. The man behind this foreign policy shift was Ahmet Davutoglu, today’s Foreign Minister. Davutoglu had a whole new idea about how the goals of Turkish foreign policy should be pursued and in his book “Strategic Depth” (Stratejik Derinlik) (2001) he brilliantly drafts a strategic doctrine for Turkey’s new foreign policy. Despite its relative success, this doctrine is seriously challenged by many regional developments, which are making it hard to believe that its implementation could ever be possible.
  • Zero Problems,
  • Davutoglu
Publication Date
Fall October 20, 2011
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Zenonas Tziarras. "Turkey: Zero Chances for "Zero Problems"" The Globalized World Post (2011)
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