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About Zeljko J Kamberovic

Željko Kamberović, Full Professor at the Department of Metallurgical Engineering, Laboratory of Extractive Metallurgy, Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy (, Karnegijeva 4, P.O. Box 3503, 11120 Belgrade, University of Belgrade (, Serbia. Born 1968. University degree, Metallurgicall Engineer (1995), M. Sc. (1999) and Ph.D. (2002) degrees from the Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy, University of Belgrade. As a member of the teaching staff he has taught the following courses: Extractive Metallurgy, Pyrometallurgical and Hydrometallurgical Processes and Powder Metallurgy. Subjects of interest: Nonferrous Metallurgy, Powder Metallurgy and Metals recycling.
President of Association of Metallurgical Engineers of Serbia (, honorary member of Balkan Union of Metallurgy (BUM). More then 100 publications.


Present Cheif of Lab. for Extractive Metallurgy, University of Belgrade
Present Full. Prof., University of Belgrade

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Nanotechnology (6)

Chlorination (2)

Ecology (6)

Metallurgy (7)