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Using Technology to Support Pedagogy in an OR/MS Course
Finance & CIS Faculty Works
  • Kala Seal, Loyola Marymount University
  • Zbigniew Przasnyski, Loyola Marymount University
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We tried several methods to improve pedagogy in a graduate introductory OR/MS course. We developed digital video instruction modules, animations, computer-based tutorials, and a course Web site and used Web-based feedback, virtual classrooms, and collaborative learning methods to support students' learning. We learned that the course Web site, Web-based feedback, virtual classrooms, and some collaborative learning methods are easy to develop and implement and provide immediate returns. Others, such as digital video instructions, animations, and real-time collaborative computing, need more time but may provide better pedagogic benefits in the long run. The benefits from all the efforts accumulate over time. Individual instructors will have to decide whether the potential benefits provide enough payback, depending upon the reward structure of their institutions.
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Seal, Kala, and Przasnyski, Zbigniew. "Using Technology to Support Pedagogy in an OR/MS Course." Interfaces 33 (2003): 27-40.