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About Dr. Zakia Y. Gates, Education Adjunct Faculty, Educational Policy and Leadership.

Dr. Gates is a higher education professional with an extensive background in K-12 education, higher education, and instructional coaching. Dr. Gates has demonstrated consistent methods and styles of teaching which are driven by theoretical and conceptual frameworks where instruction focuses around how teaching transfers, shapes, travels, and helps the learner to grow in knowledge in content area (Fox, 1983).  Dr. Gates uses various forms of teaching methods and styles which are geared to stimulate critical thinking, foster collaborative learning, and help learners to develop and grow to become life-long learners. Promotes the use of strategies to improve specific and appropriate practices to the profession and help learners to develop a sense of ethical knowledge. Dr. Gates research interests includes the role of diversity in higher education, examining pedagogical practices in other content areas, course development for pre service teachers to use culturally relevant pedagogical practices in urban education, teacher effectiveness, teacher retention, informative and Socratic feedback in higher education, and to examine Brown vs. Board of Education of 1954 and its relationship to the inclusive classroom and academic disparities.

In closing, Dr. Gates completed her doctoral study on August 15, 2015 and successfully defended her doctoral research study on November 30, 2016. Her dissertation is titled, "A Causal-Comparative Study on Teacher Morale between K-12 teachers and Residential Treatment Facility Teachers".

Dr. Gates believes: Weapons of mass destruction are not in guns and they are not in bombs. Weapons of mass destruction comes in two forms; miseducation and misinformation.


Present Adjunct Faculty Member, Harcum College ‐ Junior College
Present Adjunct Faculty Member, Manor College ‐ Junior college
Present Adjunct Faculty Member, Cabrini University

Curriculum Vitae

Research Interests

Urban Education, Culturally Relevant Pedagogies, Culturally Responsive Teaching, Higher Education Minority Professionals and Acquiring Tenure, Outcome Based Education and Systematic Deprivation in Education, Racial and cultural identity in Social Studies/History courses and its relationship to attitudes, behaviors, and emotions to self., Cognitive Dissonance and behaviors of African-American students in urban schools, and Brain-Based Learning

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Honors and Awards

  • Received recognition in the 1999 All-American Collegiate Scholars: Recognizing Outstanding Scholars in America.
  • scholarship recipient from 1997 to 1999.
  • Received honor awards for outstanding study in the English Modern Lanuage


  • Methods in Teaching Science, Pre-K to 4th grade
  • Classroom Management
  • Educational Psychology
  • Teaching Science in Early Childhood
  • Integrated Arts in Early Childhood Education
  • Philosophical Foundations in Education
  • Foundations in Education
  • Assessment in the Inclusive Classroom PK-12


Doctor of Philosophy, Capella University ‐ Professional Studies in Education K-12

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