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About Zachary Gibson

I am a Physics PhD Candidate at Utah State University currently working in the Materials Physics Group with Professor JR Dennison. The focus of our group is on the electrical properties of materials utilizing measurement techniques such as constant voltage conductivity, secondary electron yield, radiation induced conductivity, electrostatic discharge (breakdown), and pulsed electroacoustic measurements of space charge distributions, with a particular emphasis on spacecraft charging. Instrumentation and measurements involving the pulsed electroacoustic (PEA) method is the focus of my research and dissertation.
Previously, in my undergraduate work at Utah Valley University, I was largely involved in astronomy/cosmology research measuring Surface Brightness Fluctuations (SBF) to determine distances and stellar population characteristics of galaxies.
My research interests include electrical properties of highly disordered insulating materials, critical transition phenomena, charge transport, breakdown, space charge measurement techniques, UV-VIS spectroscopy, radiation damage and recovery, as well as distance scale cosmology, lightning, and high energy cosmic rays.

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