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Radiocarbon Trends and the East Texas Caddo Tradition (ca. A.D. 800-1680)
CRHR: Archaeology
  • Robert Z Selden, Jr.
  • Timothy K. Perttula, Archeological & Environmental Consultants, LLC
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Through the employment of radiocarbon (14C) dates as data, we use the date combination process to refine site-specific summed probability distributions for 555 dates from Caddo sites (n = 19) in East Texas with 10 or more 14C dates. Summed probability distributions are then contrasted across river basins and natural regions with the remainder of the East Texas Caddo Radiocarbon Database (n = 338 dates from 132 other Caddo sites), highlighting the temporal and spatial character of Caddo archaeological sites throughout East Texas.
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Robert Z Selden and Timothy K. Perttula. "Radiocarbon Trends and the East Texas Caddo Tradition (ca. A.D. 800-1680)" (2013)
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