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The housing pathways of single older non-home owning women in a rural region of Australia
Journal of Rural Studies
  • Yvonne Hartman, Southern Cross University
  • Sandy Darab, Southern Cross University
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This paper reports on empirical, qualitative research conducted in a rural region of Northern New South Wales, Australia. Using a Feminist Standpoint approach, this paper examines the housing pathways in relation to the current circumstances of single, older, non-home owning rural/regional women who live independently. Between June and December 2011, 47 eligible women aged 45 years and over were interviewed and the data was analysed using thematic analysis. Key findings are that relationship dissolution and a gendered ethic of care had a cumulative and negative effect over the life course, for which the participants paid a large material penalty. We attempt to show how these women have been caught in the crosshairs of changing cultural norms which may still be current in rural/regional Australia. This study is important in raising the visibility of this specific cohort in rural communities so that policymakers can plan for their future housing needs.
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Hartman, Y & Darab, S 2017, 'The housing pathways of single older non-home owning women in a rural region of Australia', Journal of Rural Studies, vol. 54, pp. 234-243.

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