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Can emotional valence in stories be determined from words?
Cognition and Emotion (1994)
  • Yves Bestgen
In spite of the growing interest witnessed in the study of the relationship between
emotion and language, the determination of the emotional valence of sentences, paragraphs
or texts has, yet, attracted little attention. To bridge this gap, a technique based on the
emotional aspect of words is presented. In this preliminary study, we have compared the
affective tones of the sentences of four texts as perceived by readers, to the values generated
by the words that compose the texts. The results support the psychological reality of the
affective tones of linguistic units larger than a word, and the possibility of their evaluation
through the lexical information. Such information should be useful for studying the role of
emotional interest on text processing and for the analysis of the natural stories produced by
people in reaction to stressful events.
  • Opinion mining
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Yves Bestgen. "Can emotional valence in stories be determined from words?" Cognition and Emotion Vol. 2 (1994) p. 21 - 36
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