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Transnational Models of Citizen Participation: The Case of Participatory Budgeting
Journal of Public Deliberation (2012)
  • Yves Sintomer
  • Carsten Herzberg
  • Anja Roecke

This article pursues two main objectives. First, it provides a transnational overview and analysis of participatory budgeting, which has been central to the literature on democratic innovations in citizen participation. Second, it combines this broad empirical project with a theoretical approach based on the construction of ideal-types in the Weberian tradition. Namely, it presents six models of citizen participation: participatory democracy, proximity democracy, participative modernization, multi-stakeholder participation, community development and neo-corporatism. Although these models have evolved from participatory budgeting and the European context, it is our contention that they can help us to understand the socio-political and ideological dynamics, contexts and impacts of civic engagement and democracy today at the transnational scale.

  • Deliberative democracy,
  • participatory democracy,
  • participatory budgeting
Publication Date
Winter December 17, 2012
Citation Information
Yves Sintomer, Carsten Herzberg and Anja Roecke. "Transnational Models of Citizen Participation: The Case of Participatory Budgeting" Journal of Public Deliberation (2012)
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