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Classification of Rectifying Space-Like Submanifolds in Pseudo-Euclidean Spaces
Faculty Publications
  • Bang Yen Chan, Michigan State University
  • Yun Myung Oh, Andrews University
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  • Rectifying submanifold; Rectifying subspace; Pseudo-Euclidean space; Concurrent vector field; Space-like submanifold; Position vector field.

The notions of rectifying subspaces and of rectifying submanifolds were introduced in [B.-Y. Chen, Int. Electron. J. Geom 9 (2016), no. 2, 1–8]. More precisely, a submanifold in a Euclidean m-space Em is called a rectifying submanifold if its position vector field always lies in its rectifying subspace. Several fundamental properties and classification of rectifying submanifolds in Euclidean space were obtained in [B.-Y. Chen, op. cit.]. In this present article, we extend the results in [B.-Y. Chen, op. cit.] to rectifying space- like submanifolds in a pseudo-Euclidean space with arbitrary codimension. In particular, we completely classify all rectifying space-like submanifolds in an arbitrary pseudo-Euclidean space with codimension greater than one.

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International Electronic Journal of Geometry
First Department
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Bang Yen Chan and Yun Myung Oh. "Classification of Rectifying Space-Like Submanifolds in Pseudo-Euclidean Spaces" Vol. 10 Iss. 1 (2017) p. 86 - 95
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