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P-18 Involute-evolute of Rectifying Curves in R^3
Celebration of Research and Creative Scholarship
  • Yun Oh, Andrews University
Presenter Status
Associate Professor, Mathematics
Preferred Session
Poster Session
Buller Hall
Start Date
3-11-2017 2:00 PM
End Date
3-11-2017 3:00 PM
Presentation Abstract

The idea of rectifying curves in R^3 was introduced by B. Y. Chen in 2003 and many characterizations results have been found with applications in kinematics and mechanics. The idea has been generalized to the arbitrary dimension and it is now called the rectifying submanifold. In this project, we are going to investigate the involute and evolute of rectifying curves in R^3.

Citation Information
Yun Oh. "P-18 Involute-evolute of Rectifying Curves in R^3" (2017)
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