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About Yuko G Butler

Yuko Goto Butler is Associate Professor of Language and Literacy in Education at the
Graduate School of Education at the University of Pennsylvania. Her research interests are
primarily associated with the improvement of second and foreign language education among
young learners in the U.S. as well as in Asia in response to the diverse needs of an
increasingly global world. Dr. Butler has been interested in identifying effective ESL/EFL
teaching and learning methods and strategies that take into account the relevant linguistic and
cultural contexts in which instruction takes place. She is also interested in how we can
effectively assess children’s second/foreign language proficiency and how best to evaluate the
effectiveness of various programs and policies for language education. Her most recent
project examines various issues that have arisen in conjunction with the introduction of
English language instruction at the elementary school level in select Asian countries.


Present Associate Professor, University of Pennsylvania
Present Graduate School of Education, University of Pennsylvania

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3700 Walnut Street
Philadelphia. PA