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Young Shoppers’ Experiences with E- Shopping
Int. J. of Internet Marketing and Advertising
  • Ji Hee Song, University of Georgia
  • George M. Zinkhan, University of Georgia
  • Yue Pan, University of Dayton
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As e-shopping becomes more popular, there is an increasing interest in trying to understand the key factors that affect e-shopping experiences. Here, we explore key factors that shape young consumers' e-shopping experiences, and we attempt to identify differences between factors shaping positive and negative experiences. Applying a critical incident technique, we study 432 e-mail messages from consumers who visited four specific e-shopping sites and purchased gifts. We identify five key groups of variables (i.e., price, product-related, site interface, fulfilment, privacy/security), which shape shopping experiences. We also compare our set of features with others that have emerged in the traditional retailing and e-tailing literatures. Here, we find that fulfilment and privacy/security serve to shape negative experiences, whereas site interface is more associated with positive experiences. Managerial and research implications are discussed.
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219 - 236
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  • e-tailing; e-shopping; shopping experience; web design; critical incident technique; online shopping; internet marketing; young shoppers; young consumers; fulfilment; privacy; security; website interface.
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Ji Hee Song, George M. Zinkhan and Yue Pan. "Young Shoppers’ Experiences with E- Shopping" Int. J. of Internet Marketing and Advertising Vol. 2 Iss. 3 (2005)
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