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The Composition of the Editorial Boards of General Marketing Journals
Journal of Marketing Education
  • Yue Pan, University of Dayton
  • Jason Q. Zhang, Loyola University Maryland
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Unlike the diversity issues in corporate governance, the diversity in top academic positions (e.g., editorial boards of academic journals in business) is rather underresearched. The editorial boards of academic marketing journals are important gatekeepers and trendsetters in the creation and dissemination of marketing knowledge. Membership on journal editorial boards usually signals scholarly stature and professional advancement. This study examines the composition of editorial boards of general marketing journals, and compares it with what it was like 15 years ago. The study also investigates the impact of the composition of editorial boards on journal quality. We find that women’s participation in editorial boards generally corresponds to their presence in the profession. We also find an overall small representation of board members affiliated with nonacademic institutions. While the presence of women, practitioners, or international members does not have any relationship with journal quality, the presence of scholars affiliated with doctoral programs seems to correlate with journal quality. The number of female and international members on the boards increased, whereas practitioners’ representation dropped from 1997 to 2012.
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  • marketing journals,
  • editorial board composition,
  • gender diversity,
  • institutional affiliation diversity,
  • journal editorial review boards
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Yue Pan and Jason Q. Zhang. "The Composition of the Editorial Boards of General Marketing Journals" Journal of Marketing Education Vol. 36 Iss. 1 (2014)
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