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Leveraging Human Resources for Global Competitiveness: The New Paradigm
Indian Journal of Training & Development (2014)
  • Yudhishter Ahuja, Dr., San Jose State University
This paper attempts to overview briefly the various issues of human resource management and suggests a new paradigm focused towards training and development in the context of globalization, competitive environment and new trends in society and the corporate, to ultimately build the required human capital. [The author concludes that] training and development should be an integral part of global corporate governance and organizational development. Training programs must include development of human resources, employee training, management development and attitudinal changes [across the organisation] to a focus on managing the global workforce. [Critical] to achieving this goal would be an ongoing corporate exercise to identify training needs incorporating global cross-cultural aspects.
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Yudhishter Ahuja. "Leveraging Human Resources for Global Competitiveness: The New Paradigm" Indian Journal of Training & Development Vol. 44 Iss. 1 (2014)
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