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Computational Thinking Educational Policy Initiatives (CTEPI) Across the Globe
  • Yu-Chang Hsu, Boise State University
  • Natalie Roote Irie, Boise State University
  • Yu-Hui Ching, Boise State University
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Since 2006, there has been an ever-increasing momentum in computational thinking educational policy initiatives (CTEPI) across the globe. In this paper, the representative CT educational policy initiatives viewed through the lens of international perspectives and cultural contexts were examined, compared and discussed. Reports, white papers, and policy documents were widely explored, selected through established criteria, and eventually analyzed by the research team. It was found that CTEPI has two characteristics—diverse CT terminology and diverse current status across the globe. Also, curriculum reform and enrichment programs represented two major approaches for CTEPI across the globe. Finally, four development trends emerged from an analysis of CT education policies and initiatives: collaboration and partnerships across sectors and national boundaries, rationales taking a broad perspective and referring to common themes, a redefinition of digital competence, and an emphasis on broadening access and interest.

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Yu-Chang Hsu, Natalie Roote Irie and Yu-Hui Ching. "Computational Thinking Educational Policy Initiatives (CTEPI) Across the Globe" TechTrends (2019)
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