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The Northeast Asian Seas: The Regional Legal Instruments of Cooperation for Marine Environment and Sustainable Development
Preservation and Protection of the Marine Environment (2000)
  • Young K Kim
The Asia Pacific region is characterized by a number of features which give prominence and unique significance in relation with the marine environment issues. As a result of rapid growth in population, economy, and political maturity, marine environment protection and resource management have emerged as a vital task for the individual nations, as well as the Asia Pacific region as a whole. The concerned riparian States of the Northeast Asian Seas have been fully aware of the immediate relevance of the target conception, "the sustainable development" for their economic development and environment policy. Since 1992 Rio UNCED, they have endeavored to introduce and implement various environmental programmes adopting new policies and principles in line of this conception. With all those strenuous efforts by the individual riparian States of the Northeast Asian Seas, the current environmental situation of this region, particularly as far as the marine environmental condition is concerned, is by no means optimistic. For the coordinated efforts of ocean management, the concerned coastal States of the Northeast Asian Seas have initiated the environmental forums of various levels in this region. Among those forums, Northwest Pacific Region Action Plan (NOWPAP) is a multilateral cooperative effort for the marine environment protection which has been undertaken as a part of the UNEP's Regional Seas Programme (RSP). Compared with the cases in other semi-enclosed seas, there are still some unique technical and political problems in implementing this multilateral coordinated programme in Northeast Asia. The coastal nations have different levels of economic development and different discharge standards. The vague or nominal participation of the North Korea has also served to threaten the comprehensiveness of this action plan as an environmental programme in a semi-enclosed sea. Nevertheless, NOWPAP Action Plan does have unique positive factors to be successful comparing with other UNEP's RSPs. The scientific capabilities of the coastal nations in the Northeast Asia are excellent. Through various NOWPAP forums, and special meetings the level and quality of knowledge of regional seas, has been enhanced. The marine scientific knowledge and technology has been transferred to developing countries in the region. The regional elites have already been educated through the NOWPAP endeavor on the requirement for more comprehensive environmental policy, at both national and regional level.
  • marine environment,
  • sustainable development,
  • yellow sea,
  • Northeast Asian Saes
Publication Date
Winter December, 2000
Charles M. Hawksley, Su Tao and CMDR Chris Baldwin Ran
Center for Maritime Policy, University Wollongong
0 86418 638 X
Citation Information
Young K Kim. "The Northeast Asian Seas: The Regional Legal Instruments of Cooperation for Marine Environment and Sustainable Development" Wollongong, AustraliaPreservation and Protection of the Marine Environment (2000)
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