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LibraryBox: The Easy Solution for Checkout eBooks
American Library Association Annual Conference (2015)
  • Yongli Ma, Kennesaw State University

KSU Johnson Library purchased several ebooks in epub and mobi format. However these files do not have URL links and cannot be accessed via library system, nor can they be transferred to e-reader devices. How can we make these ebooks accessible for users? We contacted other libraries and some vendors, but did not get any solutions. After an extensive research, we found out that “LibraryBox” is an easy solution. LibraryBox can make the process of downloading epub or mobi files directly to e-readers. We purchased the LibraryBox in Nov. 2014. We configured it, transferred the epub and mobi files into LibraryBox and downloaded to the library e-readers. In this poster, we will demonstrate step by step how we successfully implemented it and how easily these ebooks could be retrieved from e-readers.

  • ebooks,
  • electronic resources,
  • public services,
  • resource sharing
Publication Date
June 27, 2015
Citation Information
Yongli Ma. "LibraryBox: The Easy Solution for Checkout eBooks" American Library Association Annual Conference (2015)
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