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Industrial technology roadmap as a decision making tool to support public R&D planning
2014 Proceedings of PICMET '14: Infrastructure and Service Integration (2014)
  • Yonghee Cho
There  are  a  variety  of  methodologies  to  forecast future  technology,  economy,  and  society.  Technology  roadmap (TRM) is one of the easily implementable methods of technology forecasting.  It  is  a  strategic  management  tool  to  support  R&D planning and new product development at various levels such as
a  firm  and  government.  This  study  aims  to  address  a  strategic decision  making  tool  in  public  R&D  programs  to  affect  firms’ strategic behavior under this umbrella. The main purpose of this paper is to address evolutionary aspects of industrial technology roadmap  and  provide  a  more  advanced  framework  of  public
R&D planning. In South Korea, technology roadmapping has been initiated by  government  since  2000  and  nowadays  popularized  in  small and  medium-sized  companies  as  well.  Despite  of  its  popularity, there  are  only  a  few  literatures  to  provide  practical  guidelines and  systematic  process  to  develop  TRM  applicable  to  R&D planning  in  any  organizations.  The  framework  of  industrial technology  roadmap  developed  by  the  Korea  Institute  for  the Advancement   of   Technology   which   is   established   bringing together  old  6  major  government  agencies  such  as  Korea Industrial Technology Foundation, Korea Technology Transfer Center, Korea Institute of Industrial Technology Evaluation and Planning,  Institute  for  Information  Technology  Advancement, Korea  Material  and  Components  Industrial  Agency,  Korea National  Cleaner  Production  Center,  Korea  Institute  of  Design Promotion,  can  be  applied  to  the  R&D  planning  process  of diverse government R&D programs in other countries.  
The proposed framework can be applied and modified to the R&D  planning  process  in  any  organizations.  The  study  deals with a variety of industries, having different characteristics, and proposed similar technology roadmap. Consequently, this paper attempts  to  articulate  establishing  firms’  R&D  and  business strategy,  accompanying  with  government  R&D  programs  and setting priorities among R&D projects.
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Yonghee Cho. "Industrial technology roadmap as a decision making tool to support public R&D planning" 2014 Proceedings of PICMET '14: Infrastructure and Service Integration (2014)
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