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About Yiping Fang

Professor Yiping Fang brings international planning expertise with a focus on China, migration, housing, and social equity. Integral to the PSU-China Innovations in Urbanization Program, Dr. Fang develops academic exchange opportunities between her home country of China, and the Toulan School in Portland. She teaches courses in housing and development, Geographic information system, and planning in developing countries. Dr. Fang also facilitates a weekly seminar on topics related to China's urbanization processes. 
 Prior to joining PSU in 2011, Professor Fang taught at the Erasmus University in the Netherlands. As part of the Institute for Urban Housing and Urban Development she worked in a Master of Urban Management Program with international students as an academic faculty. Her research and teaching there mostly involved capacity building for urban management professionals from developing countries.

As a research associate in the Sociology Department at Brown University in 2006-2007, Professor Fang studied the impact of housing reforms in urban China. She examined the urban and rural divide of housing policies, where rural Chinese migrants to the city receive second class treatment with limited access to housing. China’s historic institutional discrimination and inequitable distribution of services to its residents remains a primary focus of her research. She has co-authored several articles on the social impacts of China’s housing reform in Housing Studies, Espace Populations Sociétés, and International Journal of Urban and Regional Research. 

Professor Fang sees tremendous opportunity in the exchange of ideas, practice, and learning between China and Portland. With China’s rampant urban growth and Portland’s reputation for successful planning, she acts as a bridge linking cultures, communities, and academic institutions. She envisions broadening the Toulan School’s international program to include more comparative research and exchange with other countries and cultures. In the classroom, Professor Fang sees herself as a facilitator in teaching and believes students are here “to learn how to learn.” She enjoys the interaction with students and thinks “learning by doing” and critical thinking are important for planning students. 


September 2018 - Present Associate Professor, Portland State University Urban Studies and Planning
September 2011 - 2018 Assistant Professor, Portland State University Urban Studies and Planning
Fellow, Portland State University Institute for Sustainable Solutions

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