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Bifurcation theory for a class of second order differential equations
Houston Journal of Mathematics (2013)
  • Alvaro Correa, University of Puerto Rico at Bayamon
  • 8186772957 Yi Li
In this paper, we consider multiple positive solutions of the nonlinear two point boundary value problem u+λf(u)=0, and u(−1)=u(1)=0 as the parameter λ varies through positive values. Every solution u(x) is uniquely identified by α=u(0). We study how the number of solutions changes when the parameter varies and in addition we will narrow regions of bifurcation points.
  • Multiple solutions,
  • bifurcation Points,
  • asymptote behavior.
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Alvaro Correa and Yi Li. "Bifurcation theory for a class of second order differential equations" Houston Journal of Mathematics (2013)
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