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Structure of the positive radial F-solutions of the Matukuma equation
International Journal of Mathematics (2015)
  • Yuanchen Sha, Xi'an Jiaotong University
  • 8186772957 Yi Li
Our emphasis in this paper lies on the study of the F-solutions (whose existence begins away from r=0) of Matukuma equation. We describe the structure of F-solution of Matukuma equation by the method Yanagida used to investigate the E-solutions and the key of the investigation in this paper is Pohozaev identity. Here, we prove the uniqueness of F-solution with finite total mass, which make the structure of the F-solutions clear. At the end of this paper, we also give a generalization of Matukuma equation which can be settled by the same method.
  • Matukuma equation,
  • F-solution,
  • Pohozaev identity
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Yuanchen Sha and Yi Li. "Structure of the positive radial F-solutions of the Matukuma equation" International Journal of Mathematics (2015)
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