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  • Yan Ho SIU
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Journal article
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  • 苏轼,
  • 饮食诗,
  • 贬谪生活,
  • 饮食文化,
  • Su Shi,
  • food-themed poems,
  • relegation life,
  • cuisine literature

苏轼的诗作题材广泛,不少作品均与饮食相关。这些饮食元素不单是饮食文化的展现,同时亦与苏轼的仕途起跌有密切关系。从苏轼诗描绘的菜式与食材的不同,可以了解苏轼生活的贫富转变。苏轼面对逆境,态度从容,情操豁达。运用弗洛依德的精神分析心理学,便可从煮食方法与饮食态度入手,探讨苏轼如何排解不为世用的郁闷不安。苏轼不同时期的诗作,处理饮食元素的方法均有异,从中亦隐约反映出苏轼心态上的转变,通过理清其中的联系,就能了解苏轼怎样透过饮食,领悟人生哲理,适应艰辛的贬谪生活。 Su Shi's poems are wide in the selections of themes and many of them are food related. Those elements are the presentation of catering culture and the rise and fall of Su Shi's official career as well. Different food styles and food materials depicted in his poems reveal to us the life changes, which is a reflection of his optimistic attitudes towards adversity. Analysis of Su Shi's cooking methods and dieting attitudes in terms of psychoanalytic psychology by Freud may explore his ways adopted to ease his depression. Poems written in different time intervals refer different means of handling dietetic elements, which is a reflection of Su Shi's shift of attitudes. The clarification of the interior relation will yield better understanding of Su Shi's philosophy and his adaptation to relegation life.

Chinese (Simplified)
Citation Information
蕭欣浩 (2010)。從飲食詩看蘇軾的貶謫生活。《揚州大學烹飪學報》,27(4),20-23。