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從英式到港式 : 論茶餐廳及其飲食的傳承與轉化
  • Yan Ho SIU, Department of Chinese, Lingnan University
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From British to Hong Kong-style : the inheritance and transformation of tea restaurants(cha canting) and their food
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Journal article
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  • 香港; 茶餐厅; 英国; 殖民主义; 下午茶

茶餐厅始于香港,其食物具有地道的港式口味,是香港饮食文化的象征。探讨茶餐厅及其饮食的源起应从背景、传承与转化三方面切入。饮食文化随英国殖民传入香港,引起香港人对西方饮食的兴趣,西餐的平民化形成了大众消费氛围,茶餐厅应运而生。茶餐厅传承英式与各地的饮食文化,就口味、成本等因素,调整食材与烹调方法而渐趋港式,转化成香港独有的饮食文化。 Tea restaurants (Cha Canting) originate from Hong Kong and serve dishes with unique local flavor, making them the symbol of Hong Kong dining culture. Therefore, the origination of Tea restaurants and their food is worthy of thorough study and discussion. This paper will examine the issue from three aspects, including background, inheritance and transformation. The British dining culture was imported into Hong Kong after the city has become a British colony,and this has aroused Hong Kongers’ interests towards Western food. Local diners started to offer dishes with Western influence at reasonable prices’ which facilitated the development of Tea restaurants. With dining cultures inherited from Britain and around the world, Tea restaurants adjusted food ingredients and the ways to cook according to factors like flavor and cost,making their hybrid creations a unique dining culture of Hong Kong.

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蕭欣浩 (2015)。從英式到港式 : 論茶餐廳及其飲食的傳承與轉化。《美食研究》,117,18-24。