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Research Guides at SMU Li Ka Shing Library: Built with LibGuides
Singapore Journal of Library & Information Management
  • Pin Pin Yeo, Singapore Management University
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Journal Article
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The Li Ka Shing Library at the Singapore Management University (SMU) used a new platform, LibGuides to create their research guides. The research guides are traditionally subject pathfinders, but at the LKS Library, the guides are also used as a teaching tool and to support a course. The implementation process for LibGuides and the usage of the guides was explored. Statistics on usage of the guides on the LibGuides platform were provided. The course specific guides at the Library contribute 59% of the usage from the top 20 guides.
  • Research guides,
  • Subject guides,
  • Course specific guides,
  • Web 2.0,
  • LibGuides,
  • Singapore Management University,
  • User education,
  • Usage statistics
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Yeo Pin Pin
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Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0
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Yeo, Pin Pin. 2010. Research Guides at SMU Li Ka Shing Library: Built with LibGuides. Singapore Journal of Library & Information Management, 39: 37-58