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New Workflows for Research Publications and Repository at SMU
Libraries for Tomorrow Conference
  • Pin Pin Yeo, Singapore Management University
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The Singapore Management University started implementing a new solution for Integrated Research Information System (IRIS) in April 2014. Project background and some success factors is covered. IRIS would replace existing silo in-house systems. The key objective of IRIS is to have one system that takes care of ethics, research project management, grant management, publications and reporting. During the IRIS project implementation, the tasks performed included mapping of existing fields to the new IRIS and loading of existing data to IRIS test system. New workflows and some re-configuration of the default system were proposed.

  • research management system,
  • research information system,
  • research publications,
  • Singapore Management University,
  • academic library,
  • faculty publications
Library Association of Singapore
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Yeo, Pin Pin. 2014. "New Workflows for Research Publications and Repository at SMU." Presentation for Libraries for Tomorrow Conference, Singapore, October 14.