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Social learning spaces in the Li Ka Shing Library
Singapore Journal of Library & Information Management
  • Pin Pin Yeo, Singapore Management University
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This paper describes the efforts made by the Li Ka Shing Library, Singapore Management University, in the design, creation and continual improvements of its spaces to meet the needs of its community. The Collaborative Study Area was presented as an example of introducing social learning spaces into the Library. We conducted a survey to measure the satisfaction with our spaces and the activities carried out in the Library. In striving to become a research, social and event space for its community, the Library is also used as an event and training space. This article was presented as a paper at the LAS Conference in May 2008.
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Yeo Pin Pin
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Yeo, Pin Pin. 2008. Social learning spaces in the Li Ka Shing Library. Singapore Journal of Library & Information Management, 37: 48-60.