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Subgap optical conductivity in semihydrogenated graphene
Faculty of Engineering - Papers (Archive)
  • Yee Sin Ang
  • Chao Zhang, University of Wollongong
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Ang, Y. & Zhang, C. (2011). Subgap optical conductivity in semihydrogenated graphene. Applied Physics Letters, 98 (4), 1-3.

We report that for graphene with a finite band gap (such as semihydrogenated graphene or graphene with spin-orbit coupling), there exists a strong nonlinear optical response for energies lower than the band gap where the linear response is forbidden. At low temperatures, the nonlinear current in graphene with a gap is much stronger than that in gapless graphene. Our result suggests that semihydrogenated graphene can have a unique potential as a two-color nonlinear material in the terahertz frequency region. The relative intensity of the two colors can be tuned with the electric field.
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Yee Sin Ang and Chao Zhang. "Subgap optical conductivity in semihydrogenated graphene" (2011)
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