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As normal as possible : negotiating sexuality and gender in Mainland China and Hong Kong
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  • Ching YAU, Lingnan University, Hong Kong
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Edited book
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Hong Kong University Press

Drawing from the fields of ethnographic and sociological studies, cultural activism, public health and film studies, this volume poses new and exciting challenges to queer studies and demonstrates the study of Chinese sexuality as an emergent field currently emanating from multiple disciplines. The essays here showcase the work of emerging and established scholars working mostly outside Euro-America and focus on cities including Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing. This book is one of the first sustained collections on Chinese non-normative sexual subjectivities and contemporary sexual politics published in English. It highlights the various ways in which different individuals and communities––including male sex workers, transsexual subjects, lesbians and Indonesian migrants––negotiate with notions of normativity and modernity, fine-tuned according to the different power structures of each context, and making new and different meanings.

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Yau, C.(Ed.) (2010). As normal as possible: negotiating sexuality and gender in Mainland China and Hong Kong. Hong Kong: Hong Kong University Press.