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Air cargo pickup schedule for single delivery location
Computers and Industrial Engineering (2006)
  • Minnie H. Patel, San Jose State University
  • Yasser Dessouky, San Jose State University
  • Sumeet Solanki, San Jose State University
  • Elvin Carbonel, San Jose State University
In this paper, various deterministic models for determining optimal pickup times for air cargo from an airport and delivering it to a local distribution center for a global manufacturer are presented. The arrival times of the flights that can potentially bring air cargo are assumed to be deterministic and known. In addition, the custom clearance time for the air cargo and the traveling time from the airport to the local distribution center are assumed to be deterministic and known. These models are formulated mathematically as linear binary integer programming models without air cargo weight considerations. Deterministic formulations without air cargo weight information are shown to be related to the p-Median problem. The deterministic formulation of air cargo pickup times with air cargo weight consideration is shown to be a nonlinear binary integer programming model. The solutions of these models serve as an initial starting point to solve the stochastic problem with random arrival times of the flights and random custom clearance times and travel times.
  • Deterministic models,
  • Optimization,
  • Air cargo pickup times,
  • Logistics,
  • Global manufacturing
Publication Date
November, 2006
Publisher Statement
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Citation Information
Minnie H. Patel, Yasser Dessouky, Sumeet Solanki and Elvin Carbonel. "Air cargo pickup schedule for single delivery location" Computers and Industrial Engineering Vol. 51 Iss. 3 (2006)
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