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An object-oriented simulation architecture with real-time capabilities
International Journal of Production Research (1995)
  • Yasser Dessouky, San Jose State University
  • C Roberts, Arizona State University
  • T Beaumariage, Oregon State University
Simulation that approximates real-time system response has previously been used to train operators in the use of system controllers. These simulations typically use architectures that are highly specific and tightly coupled to the system hardware. A formalized generic real-time simulation architecture is presented to decouple the simulation and provide a mechanism for implementation and rapid reconfiguration. This architecture distributes the state variables in the system by coupling them with manufacturing process equipment, specifically for the continuous process industries such as chemical, food and pharmaceutical. This design provides a mechanism for rapidly interchanging manufacturing equipment and simulation model components for discrete and continuous simulation, that facilitates operator training.
  • simulation,
  • system controllers,
  • rapid reconfiguration,
  • operator training
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Yasser Dessouky, C Roberts and T Beaumariage. "An object-oriented simulation architecture with real-time capabilities" International Journal of Production Research Vol. 33 Iss. 9 (1995)
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