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cater the social, religious and cultural needs of Indonesian Muslim students studying in a regional Australian university
2011 ISANA conference proceedings (2011)
  • stephen sili lin, Mr.
  • moli jasmine Yang, Dr
  • John Dekkers, Professor

The Australian education system, an international recognised, highly regarded education structure, offers World-class qualifications to international students who seek quality education. Each year, Australian universities attract students from across the world. Majority of students are from Asian countries such as China, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Korea and etc. Amongst of Asian students, Muslim students represent a significant proportion of many university’s international students and mainly come from countries in the Middle East, Pakistan, India and Indonesia. Muslim students have specific cultural, religious and social needs compared to other international students. It is important for education providers to understand the difference of Muslim culture and apply cultural diversity sensitivity in practice to provide suitable cultural, religious and social services to cater Muslim students’ needs. This paper, an exploratory research, used qualitative method to explore Indonesian Muslim students ‘ study and living experience in a regional city in Australia, specifically to explore the cultural diversity sensitivity practice in this city. This paper also examines support services provided in different universities and cities in Australia. The study identified that the main reasons for Indonesian Muslim students chose to study in a regional university and their cultural and social experiences of studying and living in the city. The results of this study are deemed to contribute to provide better support services to meet international students’ needs, specifically students from Muslim background. The results can be s

  • Muslim students,
  • international students,
  • student needs,
  • support services,
  • study in Australia,
  • and cultural sensitivity practice
Publication Date
December 2, 2011
Citation Information
stephen sili lin, moli jasmine Yang and John Dekkers. "cater the social, religious and cultural needs of Indonesian Muslim students studying in a regional Australian university" 2011 ISANA conference proceedings (2011)
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