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Mainland Chinese student choice behaviour and decision-making for study in Australia
2011 ISANA Conference proceedings (2011)
  • moli jasmine Yang, Dr

An increasing number of students from Asian countries seek to study in English

speaking countries. At present, mainland Chinese students now comprise the

largest cohort of students seeking to study overseas. Australia is an increasing

popular study destination with students from mainland China. However, the

growth of overseas student enrolments in Australia has not been matched by

increased research in areas such as students‘ study choice of country and

institution. This research explores the reasons and influences that affect mainland

Chinese students‘ choice of university study and decision-making processes used

choosing to study in Australia.

The research used a mixed method methodology research design and consumer

behaviour theory as a framework to explore critical factors that influence choice.

It was found that the decision to study overseas was influenced by local factors as

well as the attributes of the overseas university and country. The research

identified that the main reasons for students to study overseas were: to obtain an

international qualification, the difficulty gaining entry into a university in

China, future migration opportunity after graduation, the quality of education

overseas, and a wide range of overseas education programs. The results also

revealed that students considered five main areas when deciding upon their

preferred study country for study. These were high quality of education, cost

of tuition fees, word-of-mouth from other people who had studied overseas,

agent‘s advice, and future migration opportunity. The data revealed that a

group of five factors influence choice of university. The students considered six

main areas when selecting their preferred university for overseas study. These

were quality of education, quality of teaching staff, cost of tuitions fee,

friends and peer‘s advice, education agent‘s advice, and already know the


The results of this research are deemed to contribute to advancing theory and

knowledge of decision-making used by mainland Chinese students. The results

can be used by educators, marketers, researchers, and industry experts involved in

the mainland Chinese student market.

  • Mainland Chinese students,
  • international students,
  • study choice,
  • country choice,
  • university choice,
  • decision-making
Publication Date
December 2, 2011
Citation Information
moli jasmine Yang. "Mainland Chinese student choice behaviour and decision-making for study in Australia" 2011 ISANA Conference proceedings (2011)
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