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Effects of learner-instructor relationship building strategies in online video lessons
Distance Education (2015)
  • Yanghee Kim, Utah State University
  • Jeffrey Thyne, Utah State University
Although research has demonstrated that an increased rapport between instructors and learners can positively relate with increased learning gains, perhaps mediated by the positive attitudes toward the course and self-efficacy beliefs in the coursework, little has been done to test what instructional strategies might increase this rapport in online video-based instruction. This study compared online video-based instruction that made use of relationship-building strategies with online video-based instruction that did not use those strategies. The two instructions were identical in every other way. The results showed that the attitudes of the college students were positively affected by the relationship building strategies in a statistically significant way (p = .025), and that learning gains were also positively affected at a very near-significant level (p = .052). The implications of the findings are discussed.
  • video-based lessons,
  • instructor-student relationship,
  • learner affect,
  • blended learning,
  • e-learning,
  • Online videos,
  • Online learning,
  • Online education
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Yanghee Kim and Jeffrey Thyne. "Effects of learner-instructor relationship building strategies in online video lessons" Distance Education Vol. 36 Iss. 1 (2015)
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