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A New Viewpoint to Fourier Analysis in Fractal Space
In. Proc: AMAT 2012 (2012)
  • Yang Xiaojun

Fractional analysis is an important method for mathematics and engineering [1-21], and fractional differentiation inequalities are great mathematical topic for research [22-24]. In the present paper we point out a new viewpoint to Fourier analysis in fractal space based on the local fractional calculus [25-58], and propose the local fractional Fourier analysis. Based on the generalized Hilbert space [48, 49], we obtain the generalization of local fractional Fourier series via the local fractional calculus. An example is given to elucidate the signal process and reliable result.

  • Fourier analysis,
  • fractal space,
  • local fractional calculus,
  • generalized Hilbert space,
  • fractional-order complex mathematics
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M.K. Liao, X.J. Yang, Q. Yan, A new viewpoint to Fourier analysis in fractal space, In Proc: AMAT 2012, accepted.