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Local Fractional Integral Transforms
Progress in Nonlinear Science (2011)
  • Yang X

Over the past ten years, the local fractional calculus revealed to be a useful tool in various areas ranging from fundamental science to various engineering applications, because it can deal with local properties of non-differentiable functions defined on fractional sets. In fractional spaces, a basic theory of number and local fractional continuity of non-differentiable functions are presented, local fractional calculus of real and complex variables is introduced. Some generalized spaces, such as generalized metric spaces, generalized normed linear spaces, generalized Banach’s spaces, generalized inner product spaces and generalized Hilbert spaces, are introduced. Elemental introduction to Yang-Fourier transforms, Yang-Laplace transforms, local fractional short time transforms and local fractional continuous wavelet transforms is presented based on local fractional calculus.

  • local fractional calculus,
  • general fractal spaces,
  • fractal,
  • local fractional integral transforms
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Yang X. "Local Fractional Integral Transforms" Progress in Nonlinear Science Vol. 4 (2011)
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