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Generalized Sampling Theorem for Fractal Signals
Advances in Digital Multimedia (2012)
  • Yang Xiaojun

Local fractional calculus deals with everywhere continuous but nowhere differentiable functions in fractal space. The local fractional Fourier series is a generalization of Fourier series in fractal space, and the Yang-Fourier transform is a generalization of Fourier transform in fractal space. This letter points out the generalized sampling theorem for fractal signals (local fractional continuous signals) by using the local fractional Fourier series and Yang-Fourier transform techniques based on the local fractional calculus. This result is applied to process the local fractional continuous signals.

  • Generalized sampling theorem; Fractal space; Yang-Fourier transform; Local fractional calculus; Local fractional continuous signals
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X.J. Yang, Generalized Sampling Theorem for Fractal Signals, Advances in Digital Multimedia,1(2)(2012) 88-92