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Fast Yang-Fourier Transforms in fractal space
Advances in Intelligent Transportation Systems (2012)
  • Yang Xiaojun

The Yang-Fourier transform (YFT) in fractal space is a generation of Fourier transform based on the local fractional calculus. The discrete Yang-Fourier transform (DYFT) is a specific kind of the approximation of discrete transform based on the Yang-Fourier transform in fractal space. In the present letter we point out a new fractal model for the algorithm for fast Yang-Fourier transforms of discrete Yang-Fourier transforms. It is shown that the classical fast Fourier transforms is a special example in fractal dimension a=1.

  • Yang-Fourier transforms; Fast Yang-Fourier transforms; Discrete Yang-Fourier transforms; Fractal space; Local fractional calculus
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This paper is coprighted by the WSP.
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Yang, X.J., Fast Yang-Fourier Transforms in Fractal Space, Advances in Intelligent Transportation Systems, 1(1)(2012) 25-28.