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Fractional definite Integral
World SCI-TECH R&D (2008)
  • Yang Xiaojun
  • Gao Feng, Zhong Weiping, Xu Congcong, Gao Feng, Zhong Weiping, Xu Congcong

Fractional definite integral is that a value of the integral calculus over given interva1.Under the circumstance of fractional dimension,fractional definite integral is important to compute some value in given interva1.It is complied with starting introducing definition,the properties,leads into fractional integral function of definition and the properties,and then induces to basic theorems for fractional integral calculus

  • fractional definite integrals;properties;basic theorems;mean value theorem
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X. Yang, F. Gao, W. Zhong, etc. "Fractional definite Integral" World SCI-TECH R&D 30.5 (2008): 636-638.