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Kinetics of guaiacol deoxygenation using methane over the Pt–Bi catalyst
Reaction Chemistry & Engineering (2016)
  • Yang Xiao, Purdue University
  • Arvind Varma, Purdue University
Using H2 as a reductant, catalytic hydrodeoxygenation (HDO) is typically used for upgrading bio-oils, generally produced from thermal degradation of lignin. In our recent prior work, methane was used to deoxygenate guaiacol over the Pt–Bi catalyst and was found to exhibit as good deoxygenation performance as hydrogen. In the present work, using methane as a reductant, detailed reaction pathways and kinetics of guaiacol deoxygenation are studied using differential and integral operating conditions. Kinetic parameters including rate constants and activation energies are determined for each individual reaction step. The model predicted values match experimental data well. Results from the present work are discussed and compared with the literature values. The present work provides a practical novel approach for bio-oil upgrading using methane as a reductant instead of hydrogen.
  • Methane as reductant,
  • Guaiacol deoxygenation,
  • Kinetic modeling,
  • Pt-Bi bifunctional catalyst
Publication Date
Fall November 28, 2016
Citation Information
Yang Xiao and Arvind Varma. "Kinetics of guaiacol deoxygenation using methane over the Pt–Bi catalyst" Reaction Chemistry & Engineering Vol. 2 (2016) p. 36 - 43 ISSN: 2058-9883
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