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Kinetics of Glycerol Conversion to Hydrocarbon Fuels Over Pd/H-ZSM-5 Catalyst
AIChE Journal (2017)
  • Yang Xiao, Purdue University
  • Arvind Varma, Purdue University
The utilization of glycerol, primary byproduct of biodiesel production, is important to enhance process economics. In our recent prior work, it was shown that glycerol can be converted to hydrocarbon fuels over bifunctional catalysts, containing a noble metal supported on H-ZSM-5. Over Pd/H-ZSM-5 catalyst, an optimal ∼60% yield of hydrocarbon fuels was obtained. In the present work, based on experimental data over Pd/H-ZSM-5 catalyst, a lumped reaction network and kinetic model are developed. Using differential kinetic experiments over the temperature range 300–450°C, the rate constants, reaction orders, and activation energies are obtained for each reaction step. The predicted values match well with experimental data for glycerol conversion up to ∼90%. 
  • Glycerol aromatization,
  • ZSM-5 zeolite,
  • Bifuntional catalysts,
  • Hydrodeoxygenation
Publication Date
Summer August 10, 2017
Citation Information
Yang Xiao and Arvind Varma. "Kinetics of Glycerol Conversion to Hydrocarbon Fuels Over Pd/H-ZSM-5 Catalyst" AIChE Journal Vol. 63 Iss. 12 (2017) p. 5445 - 5451 ISSN: 1547-5905
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