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A Fokker-Planck Code for Laser-Produced Plasmas
Journal of Physics: Conference Series
  • Zhao Bin
  • Yalin Dong, The University of Akron, Main Campus
  • Zheng Jian
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A Fokker-Planck code is developed based upon Epperlein’s scheme [Laser Part. Beams 12, 257 (1994)] for the investigation of laser-produced plasmas in relevance to inertial confinement fusion. The equations are integrated implicitly by the time-splitting method. The test problems are simulated to show the versatility of the code. The comparisons among our computational heat flux and the classical Spitzer-H¨arm (SH) transport model and non-local transport models have been presented. The result shows that the non-local model of heat flux is in reasonable agreement with the FP simulation in overdense region and invalid in the hot underdense plasmas.
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Zhao Bin, Yalin Dong and Zheng Jian. "A Fokker-Planck Code for Laser-Produced Plasmas" Journal of Physics: Conference Series Vol. 112 (2008) p. 55305
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