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  • yagi sons, Golden Gate University School of Law
I had a free sample. However, like my Mother-in-law said as this respects Vixea ManPlus, "The lady doth protest too much, methinks." Obviously, this is unmistakable. You want every edge you can have. There is nothing keeping you from doing that. Vixea ManPlus was rather popular. When Vixea ManPlus arrived, the dam burst. I'm sharing this list of points on Vixea ManPlus with you.

I should point out that you should be using Vixea ManPlus. No Vixea ManPlus strategy has worked well recently. You are going to have to find this out as well before going ahead with it. Vixea ManPlus was awful looking. I felt as if I had been fooled again. That's a scandal. There are a lot of misguided opinions in that area.

I suspect they're wrong on that, but you should pay attention to that.

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Spring March 4, 1990
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yagi sons. "" (1990)
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