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A New Rubber-Cord Composite Model and Corresponding Parameter Identification Scheme
Engineering Mechanics (2006)
  • Xuchun Ren, Georgia Southern University
  • Zhenhan Yao, Tsinghua University
In order to provide a simple and effective numerical computation method, a rubber-cord composite model is presented in this article. Firstly the finite element formula of this model are deduced and implemented into the user platform of ABAQUS software; then based on the FEA result of an unit cell, the long fiber reinforced composite containing hyperelastic matrix is assumed to be equivalent to a transversely isotropic hyperelastic material. A numerical example is given to compare the results obtained using the equivalent material and those using distinct modeling, and the consistent results prove the practicability and effectiveness of the presented method.

  • Rubber-cord,
  • Composite model,
  • Parameter identification scheme,
  • Tranversely isotropic,
  • Hyperelastic,
  • Equivalent model,
  • Numerical simulation
Publication Date
December, 2006
Citation Information
Xuchun Ren and Zhenhan Yao. "A New Rubber-Cord Composite Model and Corresponding Parameter Identification Scheme" Engineering Mechanics Vol. 23 Iss. 12 (2006) p. 180 - 187 ISSN: 1000-4750
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