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Topological Optimization of Frame Based on ICM Method
Chinese Journal of Computational Mechanics (2003)
  • Yunkang Sui, Beijing Polytechnic University
  • Xuchun Ren, Georgia Southern University
  • Lianchun Long, Beijing Polytechnic University
  • Baorui Ye, Beijing Polytechnic University
The ICM (Independent, Continuous and Mapping) method was applied to the frame structures. A topological optimization model for the frame structures under the multi-loading cases was established, which takes the weight as an objective function and subjects to the stress and displacement constraints. By using the smooth function and filter function, the discrete variables and continuous variables were transformed conveniently. Synthesized coordination between the topological solutions with the stress and displacement constraints under the multi-loading cases was considered. Numerical results show that the optimized frame structures are reasonable which are different from trusses.

  • topological optimization,
  • frame based,
  • ICM method,
  • ICM
Publication Date
March, 2003
Citation Information
Yunkang Sui, Xuchun Ren, Lianchun Long and Baorui Ye. "Topological Optimization of Frame Based on ICM Method" Chinese Journal of Computational Mechanics Vol. 20 Iss. 3 (2003) p. 286 - 289 ISSN: 1007-4708
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