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Using Discrete-Event Simulation for Evaluating Non-Linear Supply Chain Phenomena
  • Xu Yang, San Jose State University
  • E. E Blanco
  • E. Gralla
  • G. Godding
  • E. Rodriguez
We present a simulation model constructed in collaboration with Intel Corporation to measure and gauge the interaction of non-linear supply chain phenomena (such as waste, uncertainty, congestion, bullwhip, and vulnerability). A representative model that mimics part of Intel's supply chain from fabrication to delivery is modeled using discrete-event simulation in ARENA. A "phenomena evaluation" framework is proposed to link model inputs and supply chain phenomena in order to evaluate supply chain configurations. Using a sample supply chain decision (safety stock level determination) we follow the "phenomena evaluation" framework to illustrate a final recommendation. Results show that our supply chain phenomena evaluation approach helps better illustrate some trade-offs than an evaluation approach based only on the traditional metrics (cost, service, assets etc.).
  • simulation,
  • non-linear supply
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Xu Yang, E. E Blanco, E. Gralla, G. Godding, et al.. "Using Discrete-Event Simulation for Evaluating Non-Linear Supply Chain Phenomena" (2011)
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