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The European Constitution and Its Implications for China
Cornell Law Faculty Publications
  • Xingzhong Yu, Cornell Law School
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  • European constitution,
  • China,
  • Hong Kong,
  • Constitutionalism,
  • Democracy,
  • Sovereignty,
  • Subsidiarity,
  • Regional autonomy
The European Constitution is significant not only for the European Union, but also for a developing constitutional system like that of China. The EU constitutional practice may have positive implications on China's constitutional theory and practice. In the wake of the European constitutional achievement, Chinese constitutional scholars need to re-examine their long-held conviction in the indispensable role of the state in constitutional formation and imagination. The EU experience may have provided China with valuable insights and ways to deal with its inherited ethnic problems and improve its institutions on regional autonomy for ethnic minorities. China's own constitutional experiment in Hong Kong may also be enhanced by learning from the EU example.

This article predates the author's affiliation with Cornell Law School.

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Published in: Legisprudence, vol. 1 no. 2 (2007).
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Xingzhong Yu. "The European Constitution and Its Implications for China" (2007)
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