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A Branch-and-Price Algorithm for Designing Optimal Product Line
INFORMS Annual Meeting (2006)
  • Xinfang Wang, Georgia Southern University
In this paper, we focus on solving the share-of-choice product line problem. Previous contributions to this NP-Hard problem include a series of ever improving heuristics. We present a new algorithm that embeds a column generation procedure within branch-and-bound to obtain exact optimal integer solutions. The initial computational results using large simulated dataset demonstrate that the algorithm is capable of identifying provably optimal solutions very quickly.
  • Branch-and-price,
  • Algorithm,
  • Optimal product line,
  • Heuristics
Publication Date
November, 2006
Pittsburgh, PA
Citation Information
Xinfang Wang. "A Branch-and-Price Algorithm for Designing Optimal Product Line" INFORMS Annual Meeting (2006)
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